Navegacion por Sonido (Sound based navigation)

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GPS + Sonido: Navegación por Sonido.
Una interesante aplicación.

We are all used to GPS navigation and know that it mainly displays/tracks position visually. What if we would look at navigation process from different perspective? So this is what following project is about. Same GPS, same digital compass but no visual aid, just directional audio on headphones. Device can guide you to predefined place by sending sound pulses to headphones and this way creating a directions where to turn.

It generates PWM signals that are sent to headphones and depending on direction these signals differ. Human has to detect this difference in order to turn. Depending on different users there were about +/-10 degrees of error, but still this device may have a great potential for blind people and of course for fun. Who knows it may be a start for new sport activity of navigating.