Midiendo la potencia sonora de tus pedos

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Algo así quieren hacer algunos personajes de la Universidad de Cornell, por lo que usaron algo de tecnología para hacerlo realidad. Tambien miden el nivel de gas y la temperatura…

Interesante e intrigante experimento.

Who said embedded electronics can’t be fun. Guys from Cornell university ECE 4760 class decided to use Atmega644 to do tricky task – measure fart intensity. And you know – there is quite science behind this. Because farts are different in its nature – so the real dilemma is how to determine its intensity on a single scale.

They decided to measure sound level, temperature along with chemistry. Gas chemistry level determines how unpleasant it is. Obviously hydrogen sulphide (H2S) holds the front line as “rotten eggs smell”. Measuring sound is pretty easy task with microphone. Another interesting parameter is temperature – because the higher temperature of gas, the more kinetic energy it has. Bu combining all three parameters they calculated fart intensity and let the world know how bad it is by displaying its level on LCD, beeping sound. And don’t get to level 9 :)